Security Metal Detector

Product info:

·         18 independent metal detection zones with LEDs locate metal objects

·         7inch LCD touchscreen displays results

·         Thermal resolution 160 x 120

·         Measurement range: 86F- 113F

·         Supports visible light and thermal imaging frame over lay

·         Detection accuracy: metal in the size of a clip (or ½ clip) is detectable on the middle of the detector. Goods like belt buckle can be excluded: copper, aluminum and zinc (over 105g), controlled knife and gun are detectable

·         Multi-area alarm: indicates the metal position on the body. Max 18 areas

·         Bi-spectrum image fusion

·         Dome camera: IP66 Walk-through detector: IP53

·         In accordance with the international safety standard, friendly to pregnant women, people with cardiac pacemaker, etc.