TB8100 Repeaters/Base Station

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    TB8100 Base Station/Repeater

    General Performance

      Operational Frequency PA
    VHF 136-156MHz 136-174MHz
      174-193MHz 174-225MHz
    UHF 380-420MHz 380-520MHz
    700/800MHz 762-776/850-870MHz (Tx) 760-870MHz
      792-824MHz (Rx)  
    900MHz 852-854/928-930MHz 850-960MHz
      896-912MHz (Rx)  
      927-941MHz (Tx)  
    Electronic Switching Range 2% of centre frequency (eg 10MHz @ 500MHz)
    Channel/Network Capacity 255
    Channel Spacing 12.5/20/25kHz
    Channel Increment 0.125kHz
    Dimensions (WxDxH) 19 x 15 x 7in (480 x 390 x 180mm) 4U Rack Space

    Single 5/50W: 45lb (21kg)

    Single 100W: 47lb (22kg)

    Dual 5/50W: 61lb (28kg)

    Operational Temperature -22º to +140ºF (-30º to +60ºC)
    Description Modular base station/repeater/receiver
    System Types Conventional FM, MPT 1327 Trunked, QS2 Simulcast and others
    Frequency Stability ±0.5ppm
    External Reference 10MHz or 12.8MHz  
    Power Consumption*
      12VDC 24VDC 48VDC 240VAC
    Standby (20msReceiver Cycling) 720mA 360mA 170mA  
    Sleep (200ms Receiver Cycling) 400mA 200mA 98mA  
    Deep Sleep (1s Receiver Cycling) 109mA 61mA 31mA  
    Tx @ 5W** 2.6A 1.3A 0.61A 118VA
    Tx @ 50W** 10A 5.4A 2.6A 177VA
    Tx @ 100W** 19.2A 10.3A 4.9A 262VA
    Supply Requirements    
    Mains 88 to 264V (PFC power factor correction)  
    DC 12V, 24V, 48V (Nominal +ve or -ve earth)
    Options Optional coax relay kit 


    Audio Input Types


    600Ω Balanced




    600Ω Balanced


    Monitor Speaker

    Audio Interface Level

    (for nominal 60% deviation)

    Balanced -20 to +10dBm Balanced -20 to +10dBm
    Unbalanced 0.3Vpp to 3Vpp Unbalanced 0.3Vpp to 3Vpp
    Audio Response Bandwidth 300Hz to 3.4kHz
    Audio Response Flat or de-emphasized
    Audio Distortion ≤2% at -70dBm
    Audio Filtering Characteristics

    Flat or de-emphasized

    Full band or speech band

    Sub-audible band only

    Filters can be applied independently to each of the input sources





    ±2.5KHz (NB), ±5KHz (WB)


    Transmit Rise



    Transmit Power Rating

    100W Continuous (programmable from 10W to 100W)

    50W Continuous (programmable from 5W to 50W)

    5W Continuous (programmable from 1W to 5W)

      VHF/UHF 800MHz
    FM Hum and Noise -50dB (NB), 55dB (WB) -50dB (NB), 55dB (WB)

    Radiated Emissions



    -36dBm to 1GHz


    -20dBm to 9GHz


    Sensitivity -119dBm (0.25μV)
    Spurious Responses greater than 100dB
      VHF/UHF 800MHz
    Intermodulation 80dB (NB), 85dB (WB) 80dB (NB), 85dB (WB)
    Selectivity 85dB (NB), 90dB (WB) 79dB (NB), 84dB (WB)
    Ultimate Signal to Noise 45dB (NB), 53dB (WB) 43dB (NB), 47dB (WB)


    *Power consumption is dependent on the status of the licensed power save software features and the selected settings for Tx key time, Rx cycling.

    **Transmit tests without fans operating.

    All parameters are measured in accordance with TIA/EIA 603 procedures unless otherwise specified.

TB8100 – Overview

The TB8100 is a high performance base station/repeater designed to cope with the harshest of operational environments. Ideal for any application from a simple conventional repeater to advanced TaitNet Quasi Sync and MPT 1327 trunked systems. Featuring remote monitoring and configuration as well as a powerful local control application it is available in 5, 50 and 100W configurations in a range of popular frequency bands.

Tait has installed a system for us which has proved economic to MainPower both now and over the longer term. They’ve done it in a professional manner and it’s given us assurance that there is an upgrade path for more technology as we go along.

Peter Hurford, MainPower

TB8100 Base Station/Repeater features include:

  • 255 channels with up to 16 CTCSS and DCS sub-audible tones per channel, making it suitable for use as a community repeater without requiring additional equipment*
  • Covers key frequency bands from 136MHz to 941MHz
  • Tone on idle and CWID
  • Several system interface options including Isolated Audio, Isolated Audio E&M, TaitNet MPT Trunked, TaitNet RS232 and TaitNet Ethernet
  • An Ethernet system interface option enables IP management of user's communications system
  • High specification base station/repeater design
  • Fast key-up time of 2ms
  • Monitor 43 alarm parameters remotely
  • Computer Controlled Interface (CCI) protocol allows external computer equipment to remotely monitor and control a TB8100 base station/repeater
  • Power save option ideal for solar sites that receive power as low as 60mA
  • A built-in spectrum analyzer measures received signal levels across the selected band

* Advanced Profiles option required

Complete remote operation

With many remote monitoring options, the TB8100 is ideal for isolated sites. Users can manage more than 150 parameters remotely with TB8100 Service Kit software.

Advanced diagnostics

Monitor your entire network from a central location with the TB8100 alarm reporting option. This means you do not need to manually connect to each base station/repeater to check it, minimizing maintenance time and costs.

Tough design

Specified to operate continuously at full power, at up to 15,000ft (4,572m) and as high as 140°F (60°C) in temperature. Large heatsinks mean that no spacing is required between base stations/repeaters.

Excellent RF specifications

Outstanding specifications for selectivity, sensitivity and adjacent channel interference make the TB8100 ideal for use in high-noise environments.

Flexible software

The advanced profiles option gives you precise control over your channel configuration and access to the most advanced base station/repeater features.

Transportable option

Utilizing the same reliable software-based platform that has made the TB9100 industry leaders, the lightweight analog and digital transportable repeaters are packaged in ruggedized cases. The transportable repeater includes a lightning arrester and the pelican case is available in multiple colors to suit the application.

Transportable Repeater: Flyer

TB8100: Specifications

To enhance the functionality and servicing of the TB8100 base station/repeater, there are a number of accessories and options available from Tait.

Such accessories and options include:

  • Microphone
  • Applications Boards
  • Software Licenses
  • Modules/Options
  • Programming Accessories
  • Service Accessories


A microphone is required for test transmissions. Plugs into the user interface on the front panel. The microphone can be configured to transmit over the air or as line audio.

Applications Boards

E&M Applications Board Provides TaitNet and E&M signaling together on a 25-way D-range.

Paging Interface Board The paging applications board makes it possible for the TB8100 to be used in POCSAG paging applications at 512, 1200 and 2400 baud. Modem or delay line operation is not provided, but the TBA101B is designed to interface to paging controllers with these functions.

Software Licenses

Software licenses for the TB8100 are used to enable advanced features of the base station/repeater. Licenses are applied on a per-feature and per-reciter basis. The TB8100 has a range of powerful capabilities, but some of them are only available with a software license. Tait's software licensing system means that you can select and pay for those features that you need rather than buying a base station/repeater that has many features you may not use. This gives you much more flexibility because additional features can be added simply by upgrading the software. You can either order a TB8100 with the features you need already licensed or obtain license keys later on. (The base station/repeater already has these feature sets but it needs license keys to enable them.)


Change-Over Module The TB8100 Change-over module provides automated failure protection for the Tait TB8100 series of base station/repeater equipment. The module provides the physical change-over mechanics, interfaces to external alarm components and termination points for remote audio connections.

Installation kits contain all the parts for the fitting and interconnecting of the coaxial relay, monitor module and power splitter. The kit includes the coaxial relay, but not the frequency dependent items such as the power splitter.

Tone Remote Available in single and dual configurations.

Features include alarm monitoring, voting tone generation and simple high-site control.

The tone remote interfaces either a 2-wire or 4-wire leased circuit to the TB8100 base station/repeater, and so enables a dispatch console/desktop controller to control and monitor a remote base station/repeater. The tone remote module is a 2U subrack designed to fit into a standard 19 inch rack. A simple 25-way cable provides all the connections, including DC power from each TB8100 reciter to each module.

Asynchronous Port Switches Asynchronous port switches allow a single phone line to support up to 31 TB8100 base stations/repeaters (one port is required for connection to local control). This enables service kit access, remote access, monitoring and diagnostics, and automatic dial out to an alarm centre from any one of the connected base stations/repeaters.

Coax Relay Assemblies Coaxial/antenna relay with fittings and mounting brackets available for the TB8100 as standard and with a tone remote module.

Programming Accessories

Programming Kit The programming kit contains the service kit, CD and cable.

Programming Cable The programming cable is available separately.

Service Accessories

Calibration Test Unit The TB8100 calibration test unit is required for system re-tuning and extremely useful for system test and run-up, especially when commissioning new configurations, and running radio diagnostics.

The calibration test unit comes complete with the necessary cables.

Tool Kit Includes:

  • Control Panel Board remover
  • Spanner 5/16
  • Torx-Driver T8
  • Torx-Driver T10
  • Torx-Driver T20
  • Screwdriver Pozidrive 2
  • Screwdriver Blade 5.5mm
  • Tuning Tool Ceramic 2.2mm
  • Tuning Tool 0.9 x 0.4mm
  • Tuning Tools Johanson 8877
  • Nut driver M3 5.5mm
  • Tool bag