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  1. Summary

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    Experience the convenience of coordinating with your staff in the field with Applied Technology Group’s Two-Way Radio System. Our sound quality, system reliability and access speed is unsurpassed. Benefit from using the latest two-way radio technology available today. This system is so flexible you will be able to design a communication system that meets your needs. 


    When you rent two-way radios or wireless equipment from ATG, it is affordable and dependable. Use our rentals for increased event security, plant construction, retooling or other immediate needs. You can count on ATG’s flexibility; we offer daily, weekly and monthly rates. Our low cost rentals are here when you need them.


  2. Rentals
    Plan Description Price (per radio)
    Special Event Portable Radio – 2 Day Minimum plus sales tax and setup fee. Deposit Required, OAC. $8.00/per day
    Short Term – Portable Portable – 2 Day Minimum plus sales tax and setup fee. Deposit Required, OAC. $8.00/per day or $75.00/month
    Short Term – Mobile Mobile – 2 Day Minimum plus sales tax and setup fee. Deposit Required, OAC. $8.00/per day or $75.00/month
    Long Term – Portable Portable Radio – Minimum 6 month rental plus monthly $15.00 service, sales tax and setup fee. Deposit Required, OAC. $25.00/month
    Long Term -Mobile Mobile Radio – Minimum 6 month rental plus monthly $15.00 service, sales tax and setup fee. Deposit Required, OAC. $25.00/month
  3. Express Services

    Real Strength, Real Business,  Real Value

    We understand your communication system is vital to your business. This means you demand and deserve quality, reliability and cutting edge technology. Each system is custom-designed based on your individual requirements and our expertise in 800, 900 MHz and UHF trunking and conventional systems.

    Since each of our system designs are created to meet your unique needs, your system will deliver the precise performance and functionality you require. We will make every effort to accommodate your most rigid and complex requirements, and be flexible enough in our product and service offerings to make sure you are satisfied.

    $15.00 per month per unit

  4. Nexedge


    Applied Technology Group, Inc. offers a California based wide area digital two-way radio network.    Users can travel throughout the coverage area communicating to a fleet of vehicles.  The Nexedge system provides advanced network features, digital voice technology, reliable coverage all for a low monthly per unit cost.    Our representatives will assist you with your system requirements and coverage area.


    Spectrum Efficiency

    KENWOOD’s advanced technological expertise has exceptional spectrum efficiency with real narrowbanding: the NXDN air interface can fit into the very narrow 6.25 kHz bandwidth using FDMA technology. DMR, on the other hand, employs two-slot TDMA to fit 2 talk paths within the existing 12.5 kHz bandwidth, realizing “6.25kHz equivalency” without requiring additional investment. KENWOOD thus offers a wide variety of CAIs and equipment so that users can comply with regulatory requirements while satisfying their own needs and enjoying system configuration convenience.


    KENWOOD Sound Quality

    The KENWOOD brand represents many decades of experience in the production of high-end equipment for audiophiles, so our radios offer standout sound quality. Specifically, all KENWOOD professional radios benefit from our audio specialist expertise in sound analysis and noise reduction, which in turn enable optimization. As a result, you can be confident of clear exchanges even in challenging environments and conditions.


    Secured Digital Network

    Each radio can have a required password to authorize operation, thus preventing unsanctioned access. Also, because unit and group IDs for subscriber access are validated, commercial and private operators can easily activate/deactivate subscriber units via remote programming or system management software. This provides an extra level of security for organizations with frequent personnel changes, allowing radios to be used by contractors, vendors and seasonal/temp workers.


    Rugged Design

    As part of the development process, KENWOOD radios have to prove they can survive the most grueling conditions. They are dropped, soaked, splashed and subjected to extremes of temperature. Also the keys are operated tens of thousands of times to ensure they can withstand heavy use over a period of several years.


    Digital Conventional Systems

    Digital conventional systems offer capabilities superior to those of analog conventional systems. With large unit ID and talk group ID capacity, operators can identify and segment different departmental/agency groups and sub-groups on shared channels. Also, Mixed Mode allows service to both analog and digital fleets at the same time.


    Extended Coverage

    As RF signal strength weakens with distance, analog reception becomes increasingly noisy and intermittent. The low BER of NXDN improves reception in fringe areas, thereby effectively increasing range by as much as 20% over FM analog, resulting in a 50% increase in coverage area for digital 6.25 kHz.

    Furthermore, even compared to digital 12.5 kHz bandwidth operation, the narrower 6.25 kHz bandwidth enabled by the FDMA technology of NXDN extends range by 15%. Receiver filters are narrower and can thus reduce noise. The net result is superior clarity over a 30% wider coverage area.

    Coverage Rates

    Local – $20.00 per month per unit

    Southern California – $30.00 per month per unit

    Northern California – $25.00 per month per unit

    Add-on – $10.00 per month per unit

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