600 Series 6 Function Switch

6 mini rocker switches with red LED indicator ON lights, features a single 40 amp relay/circuit breaker with 5-20 amp fused switch output, includes Switch box with universal bracket, mounting hardware, switch labels and 18 pigtail with insulated quick connects for termination.

800 Series Multi-Purpose Control Panel

Eight button programming and directional arrow function, 35 selectable icon stickers to clearly label panel, fully programmable buttons in ON/OFF or momentary switch mode, back lit rubber touch buttons, eight switch control panel with three 10 amp and five 0.2 amp outputs for auxiliary device power or function activation.

900 Series 9 Function Switch

9 functions: 3-position slide switch with 6 mini rocker switches, slide switch features 20 amps/output with LED indicator on lights, includes switch box with universal bracket, mounting hardware, switch labels and 18 pigtail with insulated quick connects for termination.

More Options…

ALT Alert

– Designed to warn the vehicle operator if the electrical systems voltage range is out of its safe operating range; if the vehicle’s voltage falls below 11.80 volts for more than 7 seconds or if it exceeds 15.50 volts, Alt Alert will show an indicator light or a warning buzz.

– Automatic Reset – resumes monitoring when electrical system returns to normal operating range.

– 60 cycle pulse rated @ 1 amp maximum.

Directional Arrow Switch

7 programmable warning modes with a fully illuminated display to show pattern activated and input seleted.

Control multiple directional arrow products with 6-low current (0.25 amps) output.

Compatible with Apex, Pinnacle (EPL9000), Magnum full sized LED lightbars, Pinnacle (EPL8000) LED interior bars and UltraLITE LED directional/warning bars.

Built-in Smart Sensor detects inputs from another switching source so it may be used with other manufacturers directional arrow products.

For use with LED lights only.

Head and Tail Light Flashers

SoundOff Signal flasher you can be assured that you are buying from the leading flasher manufacturer.

Ignition Security System

Easy to install and designed to be compatible with different vehicles

– Quick installation by use of quick connect “T-tap” connectors.

– Connectors allow for quick replacement/ removal of the ignition security system.

– Optional horn or siren alarm.

– Bake pedal and shift lever movement disables the ignition security system and stops the engine.

IntelliSwitch 993 w/ Power Suit

Offers 11 programmable buttons, nine total Ryno-Tuf push buttons, three power pursuit with two hidden “discreet” membrane buttons located behind the SoundOff Signal logo.

Configure the power pursuit buttons to operate any combination of the 6 remaining push buttons automatically, eliminating hours of tedious wiring.

Model offers high speed action, low current draw and increased reliability with efficient digital technology.

Compact, slim design with self performing diagnostics at power-up to ensure optimum performance.


LED Light Flasher

Synchronizes all LED warning lights – overrides all SoundOff Signal LED warning lights to take over pattern control.

2 Output LED Flashers offer 8 selectable flash patterns: Double, PowerPulse, Quint, ETM, Q-Switch, WarpFlash, Inter-Cycle and Quad.

For use with LED lights only.

Opticom Preemption LED Module

Provides emergency vehicle preemption to all intersections equipped with Opticom Infrared systems. Module generates a series of pulses in the infrared wavelength to allow preemption for emergency vehicles.

High efficiency LEDs require up to 90% less electrical power than conventional emitters, conserving power for other onboard emergency equipment. LED technology provides a higher level of consistent performance over the life of the emitter.

– Coded signal transmissions allow traffic officials to manage, track and control usage of the Opticom system and to block unauthorized vehicles from using.

reVerb Alarms Backup Alarm

– Weatherproof epoxy encapsulated circuit board weatherproofs against the most severe elements.

– Vibration resistant for heavy equipment usage.

– Protected against voltage spikes and reverse polarity.

– Universal mounting capability.

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