Why Earpieces?

Earpieces can enhance the functionality and security of your two-way radio while maintaining a full level of comfort for ease of use. The crystal-clear sound will allow incoming and outgoing transmissions to remain secure and your surroundings quiet and discreet when it’s needed most.  

Earpieces are as easy as:

1. Assessment – We will learn how your radio works on your existing system and how your communications can be optimized through a developed solution to keep you and your team connected.

2. Consultation – Let our team of communication consultants find the right earpiece and connection for your radio or speaker mic. One size does not fit all in the case of an earpiece we can help determine the complete combination of PTT, MIC, and headphones to make your radio more convenient.

3. Product Setup / Testing – Test out the fit and sound of the customized configuration and experience the difference of the optimized use of your two-way radio and clear communication.

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