Kenwood Repeater

JVCKenwood offers enterprise solutions with cutting-edge digital technologies for scalable operation critical communications. Repeaters support and enhance the operations of two-way radios for those who work on the front lines — crews tackling a raging fire, utility engineers repairing ice-storm damage, or school guards responding to a security alert. They demand and deserve equipment that is truly fit for purpose, and then some. To meet this demand KENWOOD has drawn on its extensive experience, its acclaimed technologies, and an expert analysis of market needs to develop NEXEDGE. This innovative digital solution satisfies the most stringent requirements of today’s mission-critical radio users.

EFJohnson Repeater

Compact scalable multimode IP Base Station/Repeater that enables flexible deployment options in a robust and reliable next generation platform. Flexible upgrades of software and built for continuous duty cycle operation with ruggedized modules, boards, and components.


Tait P25 base stations and repeaters are designed for mission-critical operation and engineered to provide unbeatable performance and reliability. You can trust Tait base stations, even during large scale emergencies or natural disasters. They are open-standards compliant and ensure interoperability with other agencies, giving your organization greater choice in meeting your unique requirements.

Pyramid Repeater

Pyramid has been manufacturing and selling vehicular repeaters for over 20 years, entirely made right here in the USA. Customers that are in need of our radio repeaters include: Utility Companies, Fire Departments, EMT Personnel, Private Security Companies, State & Local Police, County Sheriff’s, State Highway Patrol Agencies, State Transportation Agencies, the Department of Transportation and many more.

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