The RAN evolution is the main driver for microwave products changes, like LTE requiring increased throughput, required cell densification and introduced a driver for IP/MPLS adoption, and the advent of 5G asking for unprecedented capacity, low latency performances, new articulated architectures and introducing SDN and automation in the higher management layers.


ALFOplus2 full outdoor solution offers 2Gbps uncompressed guaranteed throughput, offering operators the highest capacity delivery in the most compact size with zero indoor footprint. This best TCO solution, operating in the standard licensed frequency bands, is field proven in many LTE and LTE-A networks as well as being adopted in private network and Internet Service Providers (ISP) for its extreme versatility.

ALS Series

ALS superior mix of Packet and TDM interfaces allows its advanced packet capabilities are certified to comply with LTE transport requirements. A complete range of user interfaces (E1, Gigabit/Fast Ethernet and STM1) and a high degree of versatility allows for a very easy network planning and management.


ALFOplus is a Full-Outdoor, full IP Next Generation Microwave Radio. Its zero footprint solution allows for fast rollout of 3G and LTE full IP backhaul network. Ideal for a fast and flexible evolution towards full IP networks it offers best in class performances and lowest power consumption for a green but performing network.

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