Ritron Callbox
The Ritron Callbox (Analog, DMR, or NXDN Digital) system provides long range, two-way voice communication from a fixed location to any two-way radio within your school or office. The Callbox can be programmed to be compatible with virtually any other brand of VHF or UHF business band radio. If extended range or coverage is needed, the Ritron Callbox can even be programmed to operate through a radio repeater. This allows you to put an end to uninvited visitors, vandals, and other potential security risks. A Callbox helps streamline your process – while maintaining strict security. Read More...

Security is paramount in schools and buildings of all types and sizes – and access control is the key to increased security.  The growing trend towards multi-purpose facilities which include Extended Day Care, sports, gymnasium, and cafeteria complicates the need for increased security protocols.  The sheer volume of people coming and going, coupled with the diversity of their reasons for visiting heightens the need for a flexible solution to access control which allows immediate communication and coordination with the correct staff personnel.

Security is More than Locked Doors

Schools and larger buildings are locked from the inside, but if there is no real system in place to handle visitors, the staff is still vulnerable to having to open the door to see who is knocking.  Despite having gates and locked doors, schools and businesses need a more efficient and practical solution to provide authorized access to certain buildings. Using a wireless radio callbox allows a higher level of flexibility, productivity and greater control of a school or building.

How the System Works

The Ritron callbox is a specially designed, American made two-way radio transceiver with built-in application-specific features and a rugged, weather-proof mechanical enclosure with an internal antenna. It is used to communicate directly with the radio system used by the school or business.  Each radio callbox includes a vandal-resistant, stainless steel push-to-talk button, internal antenna, speaker and microphone which allows the user to talk to and then listen to the response.  Units can be hard-wired for “always on” applications or powered by 6 D-cell batteries.

When the push-to-talk button on the callbox is pressed, the visitor’s message is broadcast to all radio-equipped personnel.  The appropriate personnel can then reply confirming their identity.  Some versions of the callbox allow remote activation of gate controllers, doors, barrier arms and strobe lights connected to the callbox.

Installation times vary depending on the building structure.

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